The production of this blog is the cover for a wide range and variety of professional text, language and writing services.

Many years experience engaged in written discourse have given me an expanse of skills from which to draw.

These can be boiled down into an ability to gather together at the right place and in the right time, the right words and to set them down in the correct order, with a tone and flow appropriate to their immediate use, meter or function.

This is not always as easy as it appears.

Specifically, I can:

  • proof-read and copy-edit academic papers, dissertations and theses in the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities;
  • proof-read, edit and write letters, leaflets and brochures;
  • communicate an essential message in clear ordinary language;
  • analyse technical and formal discourse;
  • condense large amounts of information;
  • tutor basic writing skills;
  • offer general communication advice;
  • help non-native English speakers to make themselves understood;
  • design simple DTP layouts with standard templates.

I charge professional hourly rates for academic and corporate work and concessionary rates for private work.

For further information, quotes and questions please email me at: dncnspnc@gmail.com

I am also working on a novel.