The Importance of Ravens

Munros since diagnosis #143 to #147


11:15 – Beinn a’ Chleibh (M279), 3005ft, 916m

12:30 – Ben Lui (M028), 3707ft, 1130m

14:45 – Ben Oss (M101), 3376ft, 1029m

16:30 – Beinn Dubhcraig (M175), 3209ft, 978m

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Het einde van het verleden

Zo. Daar zit je te zonnen, in de sneeuw, lekker warm onder je dons, fleece en windstopper, boven op de 135ste berg die je beklommen heb, vijf jaren nadat je verteld werd dat je zou maar drie jaren nog te leven hebben, ook al je de medicatie nam, en slechts maar één zonder. Wat een wonder is dit!

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It’s probably shite being Catalonian right now too

Sometimes things happen in the world that make a difference to all of us, irrespective of our political leanings or affiliations, and which therefore expose more substantial political forces and powers at large. I have always wanted to keep politics in the first sense out of this blog, but I have no problem engaging directly with the latter. Continue reading “It’s probably shite being Catalonian right now too”

Munro with cancer #122 and #123 – a tale of midges and tourists

14:00 – Meall a Bhùiridh (M045), 3635ft, 1108m

15:00 – Creise (M050), 3609ft, 1100m

16:00 – Meall a Bhùiridh (again)

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It’s (not) shite being Scottish

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