The third cycle and rewilding the Scottish killing fields

Munros since diagnosis #178 and #179

12:30 – Beinn Udlamain (M119), 3314ft, 1010m

14:30 – Sgearnaich Mhor (155), 3251ft, 991m

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The second cycle and the last Geal-charn

Munros since diagnosis #176 and #177

12:00 – Geal-charn (M278), 3009ft, 917m

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An open letter to Brexiteers from Scotland

Some information for readers in England and elsewhere who believe we are better off outside the European Union.

Wee Ginger Dug

Usually, this blog is written for a readership of Scottish independence supporters, a majority of whom support Scotland remaining within the EU, just as a majority of Scotland’s voters as a whole supported remaining within the EU. This article is different. It’s intended as an open letter to those, both within Scotland and elsewhere in the UK, who voted to leave the EU. The argument made in this article is not a intened as a warning, it’s not meant as a threat. It’s simply a statement of the consequences of what you voted for if you voted for the UK to leave the EU. You’ve also voted to end the United Kingdom.

Those of us in Scotland who voted remain, which is a large majority of the electorate, often hear leavers tell us that the UK voted as one country and so it shall leave as one country. That’s your…

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