Chemotherapy, messenger awesomeness and the night

As I described in a previous post, the regular pain killing and cancer suppressing medication turns the night into a serious challenge. Nobody will be terribly surprised to learn that with the addition of chemotherapy medication, nighttimes have become extraordinarily difficult. Continue reading “Chemotherapy, messenger awesomeness and the night”

It’s (not) shite being Scottish

A few days after I wrote up my ideas about anomalies in Munro’s classification in a blogpost about climbing Bidean nan Bian, I linked the post during a discussion about anomalies in Munro’s classification at a mountain climbing group on the Facebook. In reaction to this, somebody told me to keep politics out of things and demanded that group admin remove the “offensive” post. I was rather taken aback, for I was not aware that these opinions would be so controversial. Then I was reminded that for those unencumbered by any sense of irony or unfamiliar with Trainspotting, the blog’s title, It’s shite being Scottish, was maybe a bit pungent.

This is the updated version of my response.

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In the paper!

After posting a bunch of silly summit selfies on the Facebook, I got a call from a nice man called Craig Smith at the Courier in Dundee who wanted to do a piece on my adventures.

If you click here you can read it. It is a very nice article. I am proud to have inspired so many people. It inspires me too to continue with my plan to get to the summits of as many Munros as possible before the disease makes it impossible.