The two most boring Munros?

Munros since diagnosis #173 and #174

11:00 – A’ Bhuidheanach Bheag (M240), 3071ft, 936m

13:00 – Carn a Caim (M233), 3087ft, 941m Continue reading “The two most boring Munros?”


Always living with(out) cancer

According to the eponymous tradition of Scottish philosophy, common sense refers to an ability to perceive the properties or qualities of objects using separate sensory modalities. The classic example is the cubeness of a cube being both a visual and a tactile experience – we can both see and feel that it is a cube. The common sense is that which makes it thus possible for vision to confirm touch and vice versa. It is the basis of learning directly to perceive higher orders of abstraction than raw sensory experience and using these to navigate about complex environments. Continue reading “Always living with(out) cancer”

What’s in a name?

The name of this blog has been known to upset and offend – particularly those who have never heard of Trainspotting or Irvine Welsh.

Undoubtedly it’s shite being Scottish is a provocative name for a blog, but it has to be understood in context. It has only ever been my intention to amuse, entertain and encourage, never deliberately to upset or offend.

So if you feel your hackles rising, please do not jump to conclusions or rush to judgement. Read about the blog here and about why it is called it’s shite being Scottish here.

Otherwise, jump in anywhere and enjoy!