January silence

Regular readers might be interested to know what is happening in my life.

Recently, it has been confirmed that the combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone suppressing medication continues to hold the disease at bay. After scans in the autumn confirmed no metastases, the PSA is now wobbling round a very low number, showing no signs of rising again and giving no doctors any cause for concern.

Nevertheless, I have succumbed to some sort of virus thing, which leaves me tight chested, listless and throaty, and which, my GP informs me can linger for up to six weeks. So I am nowhere near fit enough to tackle any Munros. I am of course making plans and poring over maps, and I get out for shorter walks as often as the weather and my health permit.

I continue to wrestle with demons, to become outraged by the government in particular and politics in general, and to attempt to make sense of it all by reading, writing, discussing, observing, scrutinising, deconstructing, reflecting and so forth.

And I am now writing a book.

Up until 2017 my written posts here were sporadic and inconsistent. Until 2016, it was empty. Posts dated before this are a retrospective archive of summits with a silly selfie, evidence to myself of what I had done. It was not until much later that I developed the confidence to write about my adventures. Consequently, I have not yet properly told the stories of more than a hundred ascents.

So I am now rectifying this with a book, starting with an expedition to Ben Alder in the summer of 2014 and working forward to now. Basically a very long blog post.

Hence the silence.

Author: Duncan Spence

Mountaineer, retired bicycle messenger, philosopher, wordsmith, Dutch translator.

5 thoughts on “January silence”

  1. Good to hear from you Duncan. That your health is in a better shape gives us hope to see more of your writing. Stick around for a while longer and let us know how Scottland is handling Brexit. From today you are not in the EU anymore as the English decided they had enough cooperating with others.

    Anyway, a Happy New Year and a great future for you. Peter


  2. Ooooh I am very excited for this book! I am a big fan of your writings and would love to read more!
    Fantastic news about keeping the cancer on its heels. I wish you a speedy recovery from this virus plaguing you so you may get back on a Monroe or a dozen. Love 💕 from Toronto


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  3. Thank you for checking in. I look forward to seeing the book in the future. I’m sure it will be very well received. Great news about the cancer. Hope you recover quickly from the infection you have. Barbara Anne

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