No metastases

Just a quick post.

I wrote last year about seeing the image of my ribcage lit up by radioisotopes and being able to compare this with feelings of pain and discomfort in my body.

About two weeks ago I was scanned again and my chest x-rayed. Two days ago I got the results.

Two words jumped out from both the bone scan and x-ray reports.

Version 2

No metastases.


No metastases!

The combination of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone suppressing medication, stubborn bloody-mindedness, mountain climbing, love, a wholesome diet and certain supplements has done a job of work.

Officially the disease is classified as incurable and mine is supposedly extremely malignant and aggressive, so I do not believe (yet) that it has gone away for ever, nor that this is evidence that I am “cured”.

Nevertheless …. here I am, stubbornly alive and for the moment apparently free of cancer, more than seven years after being told I would survive for only three!

The rollercoaster continues.

Love and peace



Author: Duncan Spence

Mountaineer, retired bicycle messenger, philosopher, wordsmith, Dutch translator.

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