Treating Independentistas as Suspected Terrorists

I do not often reblog. But this piece stands out for me as extremely important. The writer is a not only a blogger, but also speaks in public and so he is a little more prominent. As my recent experience with the BBC has taught me, perhaps too the various organs of the British State are also becoming interested in those of us who only write. If this is the case, then we are entering extremely dangerous times indeed.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

ON ROUTE TO BELFAST, after speaking to Scottish independence supporters in Fife, I was called aside by a police officer at Cairnryan ferry terminal for a “random security check” as I waited to board my sailing. The officer asked for my identification, my name, date and place of birth, my home address in Dublin, and the reason for my trip to Scotland. Once the officer was happy with my answers, I was allowed to continue on into the departure lounge. Moments later, however, the same officer came into the departure lounge and asked if I would accompany her into an interview room at the opposite side of the security and check-in area.

Since 2014, when I began writing pro-independence articles for the Butterfly Rebellion website and then on my own blog, Random Public Journal, I have always been randomly selected for security checks at Cairnryan…

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