Munro with cancer #21

21st July 2015, Ben Hope (M256), 3041ft, 927m

I did not take a photo at the summit of Ben Hope because the weather was so utterly appalling. I camped on the grass at the edge of the path to the summit from the roadside.  On the western side of the mountain there are only two places where water from the plateau above flows off to form a burn. The path up the mountain in the photo follows one of these, and the other is also used to gain access to the plateau and the summit. The road had been washed over in several places by deluges from the mountainside and bridges over both burns were gone. So the road was closed at Altnahara thus making cycling along it a much more pleasurable experience. If I had climbed the Mountain on the day I made camp, I would have seen something more than horizontal rain at the summit. I suppose then that I will have to go back one day to see the views from the top.