Munro with cancer #9

23rd April 2015, Beinn Bhrotain (M019), 3796ft, 1157m

From the bealach between Monadh Mor and Beinn Bhrotain there is a staggering view of the highest Cairngorm peaks which sets everything into perspective. It is worth making the effort to get to this place for this experience alone.


The route to the summit from here is over large wobbly red boulders. My descent into Glen Geldie was slowed by steep rough slopes and melting snowbanks. I made camp on the high grassy banks of the Geldie Burn.


The next day I walked south into Glen Tilt and made one more camp before returning home on the train from Blair Atholl.

Munro with cancer #8

23rd April 2014, Monadh Mor (M040), 3652ft, 1113m

This is a big flat nondescript pile of rocks in the middle of nowhere. From my camp under An Sgarsoch it was a long slog following the southern shoulder due north after crossing the upper reaches of the Geldie Burn. The above image is taken from the summit looking back south east towards the bulk of Beinn Bhrotain.

Munro with cancer #7

22nd April 2015, An Sgarsoch (M126), 3301ft, 1006m

Between Carn an Fidhlier and this mountain there is a substantial drop into a boggy bealach. The descent is in shadow and holds an increasingly unstable cornice. During the ascent on the sun side, assorted amphibians seemed to grow out of the ground with the heat. At the top I surveyed the familiar profile of the Cairngorms to the north and contemplated the next day’s journey. I found a camp on the northern slopes in a damp little hollow that was warmed immediately by the morning sunrise.