The Union

If there were any chance of an inclusive, forward thinking, broad minded government at Westminster that was truly representative of the diversity of political opinion in these lands, if the governing ethos was not firmly rooted in the nineteenth century, if the default position of popular opinion was not xenophobic, if power were not concentrated around London but adequately distributed from Lerwick to Penzance, if there was any political party with a real commitment to the social values of common sense and good conduct, if there was a media that truly reported on events rather than spewed out government soundbites and falsity, then perhaps, just perhaps there would be an argument for perpetuating the Act of Union. But there are none of these. Just a bunch of toffs lining the pockets of their cronies and telling us that we are too stupid and backward to look after ourselves. By voting for independence we will be setting the standard, leading by example, encouraging the rest of the peoples of these islands that they do not have to take it any more, that Westminster is an embarrassing anachronism whose function is purely and simply to keep the proletariat in their place. There is no argument for no. None. Not any more.

Author: Duncan Spence

Mountaineer, retired bicycle messenger, philosopher, wordsmith, Dutch translator.

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